There are countless bike tours in Comano for those who have the stamina!

Climb and descend mountain trails in the Comano Valley.

A selection of tours:

  • Monte Guarda Top Tour
    Monte Guarda Tour: from villages to woodland
  • Monte Casale Top Tour
    Monte Casale Tour: the horizon, mountains, and lakes
  • Monte Misone Top Tour
    Monte Misone Tour: mountain peaks surrounding the lake

Magical e-bike tours through romantic villages, small masterpieces of art and local history, and scenic views:

  • Explore the stunning Bleggio area with a cycling tour that takes you through Cares, Tignerone, and CillĂ . Take a break under the walls of Castel Restor before continuing your journey through the surrounding countryside, passing the charming village of Santa Croce and culminating at the historic church of S. Felice di Bono.
  • Tour through Fiavè with a break at the archaeological UNESCO heritage site before continuing to the village of Favrio and descending to Lomasona. Make a turn to the parish church in Vigo Lomaso before continuing to Poia and returning to Ponte Arche.

Life is just like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.
(Albert Einstein)